you have one reputation – use it wisely

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Despite the title of this blog sounding like a quote from Yoda, it is something I think merits a little air-time. Fundamentally investing and working with investors is a relationship/people industry and not a ‘financial product’ industry – an oft used excuse to completely ignore the fact that people are involved. For me ‘reputation’ is […]

investor communication and Chinese whispers

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The majority of entrepreneurs ‘get’ that they need to have a coherent marketing strategy when it comes to selling their product or service. A large proportion also ‘get’ that true success in sales comes from understanding, communicating and pricing the ‘need’ that is being addressed by the product or service. However it is not always […]

do we all get off at the same stop?

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This post is all about the reasons for building a business but, more importantly, a strategic overlay on both the personal and corporate strategy that an investor is likely to require. You have to tackle what you’ll do when your respective motivations and timeframes don’t overlap at exactly the same time. Investors (by dint of the name) are […]

emotional empathy

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Human compassion, understanding and empathy, three things not normally discussed in the context of investing but, in my opinion, fundamental strengths that really move the needle. Perhaps as a result of my marketing training (degree and then years served in commercial positions at Renault UK) I am a big believer in the fact that an understanding […]

top right quadrant and splendidly isolated

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It makes me smile that I have never yet seen a slide deck that doesn’t position the presenting company in the top right quadrant of their competitive map, streaks ahead of their peers. So it should be as well, after all one always wants to work with the leader. However, whilst I am a great […]

showing commitment

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The half-hearted entrepreneur will fail to raise capital. Seemingly obvious but a surprising number on entrepreneurs I meet believe that an investor will accept them giving anything less than 110% focus to their business. Imagine you were asked to give your bank £10,000 on deposit which they promised to look after until such time as […]

blogging and why…..

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This is my tenth post, which isn’t bad in my book given I’ve never blogged or written much before. The thing that seems to be inspiring me to write the most goes to the heart of a strong belief that fundamentally life and commerce are reasonably simple, only made complex through either a lack of […]

risk and reward

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Getting on my soapbox a bit about the old school style of an investor keeping their cards to themselves and business managers/owners trying to sweep issues and reality under the carpet. It all starts with a subject that I feel is often not covered well and/or avoided which is the fact that in both building […]

it should have happened but didn’t…..

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Recently I’ve met with a few good companies that I should have invested in in the past (but didn’t). No investor gets it right all the time and lots of investors fail to make investments that they should have made. Even when an investment should fit with someone’s sweet-spot, for many reasons it can fail […]