tell tales

This post derives from a blend of marketing and investment experience. It is going to sound a little bit churlish (which it is not meant to be) as it is all about really small minutiae that I believe make a fundamental difference at that initial point of intro to an investor. Normally such minutiae I […]

the how and the what

I am frequently asked how I go about finding (‘originating’ in private equity speak) interesting companies and what I look for. Firstly all origination is through networking and pushing out the message rather than by knocking on doors or making unsolicited approaches. The great benefit to this is that there is an element of pre-qualification […]

emotional empathy

Human compassion, understanding and empathy, three things not normally discussed in the context of investing but, in my opinion, fundamental strengths that really move the needle. Perhaps as a result of my marketing training (degree and then years served in commercial positions at Renault UK) I am a big believer in the fact that an understanding […]