SaaS shouldn’t mean ‘free’ or ‘cheap’

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Bit of a soapbox post this one (appropriate banging of table actions not included). A bug-bear of mine is the number of businesses I meet where the founders/entrepreneurs/sales team bandy around words such as ‘cheap’, ‘free’, ‘freemium’ and ‘scale’ as relevant terms for a SaaS product. Particularly companies with a B2B revenue model. What incenses […]

boiling it down….

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It has taken me 9 months to conclude on the question of how to neatly define the media/tech businesses that really get me excited at the moment (see the brain dump that was and I think I have finally come to a definition I am happy with: Companies that use the internet as a […]

how much, how often and why

There are two reasonably well rehearsed points of view that I find somewhat frustrating when it comes to advice on raising capital, firstly the ‘get as much as you can’ ethos and secondly the ‘take as little as you can’ ethos. The get as much as you can ethos is flawed in so far as […]

the how and the what

I am frequently asked how I go about finding (‘originating’ in private equity speak) interesting companies and what I look for. Firstly all origination is through networking and pushing out the message rather than by knocking on doors or making unsolicited approaches. The great benefit to this is that there is an element of pre-qualification […]

the problem is the answer

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I love SaaS, love software and love clever technology – they’re all great, exciting and are transforming industries, markets and business models. But in isolation they’re pretty useless, in fact they are no  more than a means to efficiently deliver a solution and, with SaaS, operate an intelligent business model embracing all the efficiencies that software, […]

SaaS – big bang vs managed growth

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As those who have ready my earlier blogs would know, I am a big fan of Software as a Service (see Ideal SaaS Revenue Model in particular). SaaS means many things to many people. In the US it seems to mean businesses that can scale enormously quickly with enormous addressable markets and the potentially eye-watering valuations […]

my ideal SaaS revenue model

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Software as a Service (‘SaaS’) has a lot going for it as an investable business model. In this post I’d like to share my thoughts on the ideal SaaS revenue model (saving quality of application, costs and margins for a future post) first through assessing the general concept and then delving into two different SaaS revenue […]

some fundamental opinions

I’m an investor and also a marketeer – an unusual breed. In a nutshell I had four years working in marketing at Renault UK Limited (think Va Va Voom, Thierry Henry and the Renault Clio) followed by just under 8 years of private equity investing with August Equity LLP. Preparation Capital (see was born […]