as Tina Turner said – better than all the rest….

I was sat with the CEO of one of the young businesses I work with yesterday having a coffee and looking forward to 2013.  We are still a young company, albeit growing at c200% per annum. For the first two years of our life our prime challenge had been three things: sales, sales, sales. A […]

pre-money and post-money

A conversation yesterday prompted me to republish this post from March 2011: A very personal topic that’s unavoidable in every equity investment conversation is that when equity risk investment comes in, a percentage of the company must change hands (otherwise it’s not an equity investment). The investor needs the equity to drive their returns (and through […]

owning a winning horse

It strikes me that assessing which growing businesses to invest in may be a bit like a professional horse owner determining which races to run their horses in.  Full of risk but, with domain knowledge and a good understanding of the bigger picture, you can place your investment bets more wisely, endeavouring to mitigate risk […]

understanding your investor – portfolio investing

Investing into private companies (as is the case with any type of investment) carries risk. With risk comes the risk of failure or, more importantly in this example, losses for an investor.  The earlier the stage of the business (and/or the higher the debt gearing in the investment) the higher the risk. Small private companies […]