what is venture building?

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Our website proudly proclaims ‘We are Venture Builders’ – but what does that mean? First let’s start with what it isn’t. It isn’t ‘incubation’ as incubation is generally short-term. Our Venture Building is a commitment of 5+ years. It isn’t ‘acceleration’ as again acceleration is equally short-term. It isn’t ‘investing’ [replace with venture capital or […]

milestones or millstones?

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When we work within our businesses on growth capital strategy we don’t advocate the popular funding principles of ‘bootstrapping’ (UK) or at the opposite end ‘get as much as you can’ (USA). Instead we advocate a milestone based strategy where the company targets a capital raise that gives it sufficient leeway to achieve a substantial, […]

cart before horse? conditional capital?

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When you start a fundraise process there is only one guarantee. Not that you will either successfully, or unsuccessfully, fundraise. But that you will be faced with a multitude of, often polarised, opinions. This can be super helpful, insightful and value-add but also, more importantly, occassionally confusing and disruptive. I would never give advice in […]

six years and a new website

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When we started doing this six years ago there was a (semi) vision of getting involved in exciting multi-tenanted SaaS start-ups and helping them navigate the challenges of dealing with the whims and foibles of the investment community. It was born out of eight years in Private Equity and understanding that it wasn’t only how good […]

three years and counting..

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The third anniversary of Preparation Capital just passed without me really noticing. What was I doing to mark the occasion? With a wry smile I admit I was presenting to a potential client of one of the businesses I am involved with, helping them out with a sales presence on the ground in London (it […]

you have one reputation – use it wisely

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Despite the title of this blog sounding like a quote from Yoda, it is something I think merits a little air-time. Fundamentally investing and working with investors is a relationship/people industry and not a ‘financial product’ industry – an oft used excuse to completely ignore the fact that people are involved. For me ‘reputation’ is […]

it’s who you are more than your money that matters

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The longer I spend with young companies the more it reinforces my view that angel investing/venture capital/private equity (etc… etc…) should be much less about ‘financial products’ and much more about people based service industry with a strong financial overlay. When I originally joined the private equity industry (now left) my employer at the time […]

growing pains

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The secret diary of….. being involved in start-ups. Growing pains is a great term, short, sharp but precise. As a kid you experience literal pains and ache as you grow – ditto young companies. I can genuinely say I have never had more arguments, or ‘impassioned debates’ nor have I ever come across more people […]

mind the gap

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I’ve immersed myself in the world of young/start-up media and technology businesses for over two years now (quite literally as the 2nd birthday of my small company Preparation Capital has just passed in a flash), this is my 50th Blog post and I am reflective on what I have learned. The short answer is a lot, and I’m […]

it’s not that complex

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A friend of mine, @concannon, tweeted the other day that the challenge for him in his social media role is that “The hardest part of my job is making people see that most of this stuff is much simpler than they think. They expect complicated answers.” I particularly liked this as a tweet as I […]