as Tina Turner said – better than all the rest….

I was sat with the CEO of one of the young businesses I work with yesterday having a coffee and looking forward to 2013.  We are still a young company, albeit growing at c200% per annum. For the first two years of our life our prime challenge had been three things: sales, sales, sales. A […]

hard coded outputs…. shame on you

A financial model is not a business plan. Even if it is allied to a ‘vision’ document or route map. Instead it is an excel spreadsheet with a series of numbers in it that calculate a series of outcomes. 1+1=2 etc….. Not a business plan: Spreadsheet + Vision document = an idea with numbers open […]

the boring stuff delivers scalability

It is no doubt unfashionable to say so in this dynamic start-up environment but there comes a point in an entrepreneurial business when you just have to tackle the mundane. The primary reason for this is that start-up flexibility isn’t scalable. Every young firm has to be dynamic, adaptable, efficient and manoeuvrable – to a […]