that don’t impress me much….

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Hi. Okay. So you have: a phenomenal CV, identified a mega problem/gap in the market, a genius CTO/co-founder, a brilliant business idea, a huge addressable market, some interesting and well respected investors/advisors and you will be worth £millions in a very short amount of time. Unfortunately, in the words of Shania Twain, “that don’t impress […]

cart before horse? conditional capital?

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When you start a fundraise process there is only one guarantee. Not that you will either successfully, or unsuccessfully, fundraise. But that you will be faced with a multitude of, often polarised, opinions. This can be super helpful, insightful and value-add but also, more importantly, occassionally confusing and disruptive. I would never give advice in […]

the tip of the iceberg

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An iceberg communicates 10-15%* of the information about it to tell you it is an iceberg and allow you to gauge your interest in it (*stat courtesy of wikipedia). However, once interested you can qualify everything about the 10-15% that caught your attention by delving below the surface and seeing the enormous wealth of information about the iceberg that […]

is it realistic…

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I am often asked questions prefaced by the phrase ‘is it realistic’, generally followed by ‘to raise £x (thousands/millions) of capital to achieve xyz’. To the surprise of many the answer is generally yes, albeit a caveated yes. The answer is always yes because I would confidently assert that there is sufficient availability of capital […]

it’s not a sales pitch

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I had a meeting last week with a great entrepreneur with a good business idea who made one simple mistake. He gave me the sales pitch. I enjoyed it but it missed the mark. To be fair to the entrepreneur in question, it’s a common mistake. The problem is that the sales pitch in isolation […]

tell tales

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This post derives from a blend of marketing and investment experience. It is going to sound a little bit churlish (which it is not meant to be) as it is all about really small minutiae that I believe make a fundamental difference at that initial point of intro to an investor. Normally such minutiae I […]

‘deal’ origination, really?

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I suppose this is more of an observation rather than a blog post. My observation is on the old-school focus of ‘deal’ origination as it is still referred to in a good number of private equity firms. I was recently approached by a chap who’s role was ‘Deal Originator’ and it struck me then (perhaps […]

investor communication and Chinese whispers

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The majority of entrepreneurs ‘get’ that they need to have a coherent marketing strategy when it comes to selling their product or service. A large proportion also ‘get’ that true success in sales comes from understanding, communicating and pricing the ‘need’ that is being addressed by the product or service. However it is not always […]

leaving something on the table for the next, next and next…….

As a growth focussed investor, a scalable business for me is one that has a credible growth story that provides compelling revenue growth opportunity (without dominating the market) to me, the next investor, the next investor and the next. This can be 12-20 years of growth! Scalability and a large addressable market have a real […]

the problem is the answer

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I love SaaS, love software and love clever technology – they’re all great, exciting and are transforming industries, markets and business models. But in isolation they’re pretty useless, in fact they are no  more than a means to efficiently deliver a solution and, with SaaS, operate an intelligent business model embracing all the efficiencies that software, […]