leaving something on the table for the next, next and next…….

As a growth focussed investor, a scalable business for me is one that has a credible growth story that provides compelling revenue growth opportunity (without dominating the market) to me, the next investor, the next investor and the next. This can be 12-20 years of growth! Scalability and a large addressable market have a real […]

top right quadrant and splendidly isolated

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It makes me smile that I have never yet seen a slide deck that doesn’t position the presenting company in the top right quadrant of their competitive map, streaks ahead of their peers. So it should be as well, after all one always wants to work with the leader. However, whilst I am a great […]

owning a winning horse

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It strikes me that assessing which growing businesses to invest in may be a bit like a professional horse owner determining which races to run their horses in.  Full of risk but, with domain knowledge and a good understanding of the bigger picture, you can place your investment bets more wisely, endeavouring to mitigate risk […]

playing the percentage game

I am not a fan of business plans that include statements such as “we intend to get X% of the market” and/or “with only X% of the market we…….. can be kings”.  No matter how small that market share might be (5%, 1%, 0.1%!) it really doesn’t work for me. Call it playing the percentage […]

market sizing

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Market sizing is an oft heard request from investors and one that means different things to different firms. There is no ‘ideal’ market size at the top-end (the bigger the better) but the key is to be able to convey that the relevant market size is sufficiently large to deliver the revenue forecasts and to […]