growth vs paying shareholders – the disconnect

Bit of a dry one this, my apologies. But super important. Basically the need to look at the entirety of the investment proposition and to consider the medium term impact of investment terms rather than just looking at the pure ‘what % am I giving away’. I’m a little bit old-school when it comes to […]

do we all get off at the same stop?

This post is all about the reasons for building a business but, more importantly, a strategic overlay on both the personal and corporate strategy that an investor is likely to require. You have to tackle what you’ll do when your respective motivations and timeframes don’t overlap at exactly the same time. Investors (by dint of the name) are […]

owning a winning horse

It strikes me that assessing which growing businesses to invest in may be a bit like a professional horse owner determining which races to run their horses in.  Full of risk but, with domain knowledge and a good understanding of the bigger picture, you can place your investment bets more wisely, endeavouring to mitigate risk […]

why investors start at the finish

I have said in a previous post that the true relationship with an investor only starts when the money comes in. This is because the (professional) investor is generally investing with the primary objective to make an economic gain at the end of a defined period. As such, they are very focussed on the finish […]