do you eat your vegetables?

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You’re never too small to forecast. There are a surprising number of entrepreneurs I meet who seem to view forecasting/budgeting as a chore rather than a necessity. It’s one of those regular scenarios where I seem like a dullard, old man, nagging about the need to do financial forecasting when the world of being an […]

milestones and cheese

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I have found myself referring to milestones a lot recently. A word that resonates for me, is common parlance in investing yet like many things might not be clear to all. Milestones, for me, relate to strategy. Certain points in a business’ life when an event, or events, conspire to deliver a transformational change in […]

predicting the pinch

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You don’t need to be an accountant to be an entrepreneur, nor do you need to be an untaught but genius financial wizard. But I do believe you do need to be able to forecast your cash and you need to do it yourself. Why? Basically because without cash your life as an entrepreneur is […]

growth vs paying shareholders – the disconnect

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Bit of a dry one this, my apologies. But super important. Basically the need to look at the entirety of the investment proposition and to consider the medium term impact of investment terms rather than just looking at the pure ‘what % am I giving away’. I’m a little bit old-school when it comes to […]

how much, how often and why

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There are two reasonably well rehearsed points of view that I find somewhat frustrating when it comes to advice on raising capital, firstly the ‘get as much as you can’ ethos and secondly the ‘take as little as you can’ ethos. The get as much as you can ethos is flawed in so far as […]

playing the percentage game

I am not a fan of business plans that include statements such as “we intend to get X% of the market” and/or “with only X% of the market we…….. can be kings”.  No matter how small that market share might be (5%, 1%, 0.1%!) it really doesn’t work for me. Call it playing the percentage […]

how long?

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I’m often asked questions prefaced by the phrase ‘How long will it take to…..’ generally followed by something such as ‘raise capital’, ‘sell my business’ or ‘get to breakeven’. In truth it is often impossible to predict exactly how long such processes will necessarily take given that each of the aforementioned situations deeply involves multiple […]