Cyclr is a SaaS business providing ‘workflow as a service’ or, in Gartner terms, ‘Integration Platform as a Service – IPaaS’. In this day and age >90% of companies use some sort of web application or software (website, ecommerce system, mailchimp, eventbrite, salesforce etc…). Powerful solutions that can become even more powerful when ‘joined-up’ – i.e. when they are able to pass data automatically and create intelligent workflows. Without a business such as cyclr the solution is to use internal or external developers to ‘knit together’ and manage APIs. Cyclr negates that need by providing its’ beautifully designed and simply executed ‘workflow as a service’ tool. It is Cyclr’s job to understand, and maintain, the read-write capability into all of these web applications we now use. An enormous potential market. We have been involved in supporting the Cyclr management team from a strategic perspective since the company’s first external fundraise in early 2016.