‘deal’ origination, really?

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I suppose this is more of an observation rather than a blog post. My observation is on the old-school focus of ‘deal’ origination as it is still referred to in a good number of private equity firms. I was recently approached by a chap who’s role was ‘Deal Originator’ and it struck me then (perhaps […]

leaving something on the table for the next, next and next…….

As a growth focussed investor, a scalable business for me is one that has a credible growth story that provides compelling revenue growth opportunity (without dominating the market) to me, the next investor, the next investor and the next. This can be 12-20 years of growth! Scalability and a large addressable market have a real […]

alignment of interests

A difficult and abstract subject to blog about, however the requirement for alignment of interests between investor and entrepreneur in growth capital situations is a firm belief of mine. This alignment is driven by the structure of investment agreed between entrepreneur and investor. Please bear with me! At it’s most basic, I am a fan […]

presenting your assets

Communicating with investors requires a certain type of language and presentation that sits outside of the standard client presentation.  Too often I have seen entrepreneurs present the investor the customer rather than investor pitch. Investors are typically keen on understanding your business in a particular way which will not necessarily marry with the ‘standard’ presentation […]

the three minute pitch

I was a judge on a panel at techpitch4.5 last night (www.4pt5.co.uk) alongside counterparts from Silicon Valley Bank, Microsoft BizSpark, Doughty Hanson Ventures, Pinsent Masons and an experienced entrepreneur (Preparation Capital reaching for the stars!).  It was a great event with interesting young tech companies pitching and great attendees (angels and young companies). I really enjoyed […]

playing the percentage game

I am not a fan of business plans that include statements such as “we intend to get X% of the market” and/or “with only X% of the market we…….. can be kings”.  No matter how small that market share might be (5%, 1%, 0.1%!) it really doesn’t work for me. Call it playing the percentage […]

blogging and why…..

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This is my tenth post, which isn’t bad in my book given I’ve never blogged or written much before. The thing that seems to be inspiring me to write the most goes to the heart of a strong belief that fundamentally life and commerce are reasonably simple, only made complex through either a lack of […]