my ideal SaaS revenue model

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Software as a Service (‘SaaS’) has a lot going for it as an investable business model. In this post I’d like to share my thoughts on the ideal SaaS revenue model (saving quality of application, costs and margins for a future post) first through assessing the general concept and then delving into two different SaaS revenue […]

economic value and percentage equity

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A very personal topic that’s unavoidable in every equity investment conversation is that when equity risk investment comes in, a percentage of the company must change hands (otherwise it’s not an equity investment). The investor needs the equity to drive their returns (and through taking some return in equity is sharing the risk with the […]

the tanker analogy

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I got asked yesterday why there was a need to take a strategic approach to planning for capital and found my self using an analogy that I thought it worth sharing. It started as follows: Companies and their structures can be like tankers whilst a capital raising can be viewed as being a natural port or […]

some fundamental opinions

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I’m an investor and also a marketeer – an unusual breed. In a nutshell I had four years working in marketing at Renault UK Limited (think Va Va Voom, Thierry Henry and the Renault Clio) followed by just under 8 years of private equity investing with August Equity LLP. Preparation Capital (see was born […]