six years and a new website

When we started doing this six years ago there was a (semi) vision of getting involved in exciting multi-tenanted SaaS start-ups and helping them navigate the challenges of dealing with the whims and foibles of the investment community. It was born out of eight years in Private Equity and understanding that it wasn’t only how good […]

running a marathon

The catalyst for this post was a comment from a good friend over the weekend who was talking about his (sub 3hr) marathon strategy. His comment was that when he realised “the way to run a marathon is to consider the halfway point to be 22 miles” that it really step shifted his abilities. The […]

do you eat your vegetables?

You’re never too small to forecast. There are a surprising number of entrepreneurs I meet who seem to view forecasting/budgeting as a chore rather than a necessity. It’s one of those regular scenarios where I seem like a dullard, old man, nagging about the need to do financial forecasting when the world of being an […]

three years and counting..

The third anniversary of Preparation Capital just passed without me really noticing. What was I doing to mark the occasion? With a wry smile I admit I was presenting to a potential client of one of the businesses I am involved with, helping them out with a sales presence on the ground in London (it […]

as Tina Turner said – better than all the rest….

I was sat with the CEO of one of the young businesses I work with yesterday having a coffee and looking forward to 2013.  We are still a young company, albeit growing at c200% per annum. For the first two years of our life our prime challenge had been three things: sales, sales, sales. A […]

the tip of the iceberg

An iceberg communicates 10-15%* of the information about it to tell you it is an iceberg and allow you to gauge your interest in it (*stat courtesy of wikipedia). However, once interested you can qualify everything about the 10-15% that caught your attention by delving below the surface and seeing the enormous wealth of information about the iceberg that […]

milestones and cheese

I have found myself referring to milestones a lot recently. A word that resonates for me, is common parlance in investing yet like many things might not be clear to all. Milestones, for me, relate to strategy. Certain points in a business’ life when an event, or events, conspire to deliver a transformational change in […]

is it realistic…

I am often asked questions prefaced by the phrase ‘is it realistic’, generally followed by ‘to raise £x (thousands/millions) of capital to achieve xyz’. To the surprise of many the answer is generally yes, albeit a caveated yes. The answer is always yes because I would confidently assert that there is sufficient availability of capital […]

you have one reputation – use it wisely

Despite the title of this blog sounding like a quote from Yoda, it is something I think merits a little air-time. Fundamentally investing and working with investors is a relationship/people industry and not a ‘financial product’ industry – an oft used excuse to completely ignore the fact that people are involved. For me ‘reputation’ is […]

predicting the pinch

You don’t need to be an accountant to be an entrepreneur, nor do you need to be an untaught but genius financial wizard. But I do believe you do need to be able to forecast your cash and you need to do it yourself. Why? Basically because without cash your life as an entrepreneur is […]