too many startups like playing startup

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This is not my blog, but it is one that I came across and that I wish I had written. I find it very true. Written by Alex Turnbull of GrooveHQ. As it says in the title, “too many startups like playing startup” Check it out:

metronomic meets Will Smith

Although only in my early 40’s I am finding that I am increasingly becoming ‘old school’. Not because I am changing my ways or becoming more conservative, more just that I am not buying in to the ‘quick and easy’ approach to company building that is somewhat fashionable and as a result I am being […]

updated: raises $7m Series A

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A quick note to congratulate the team on successfully closing on a $7m (£5.3m) Series A investment led by Swiss Re and now joined by Omidyar Network. A big milestone for the business. is making substantial headway in the Personal Data space and has been building towards this point for many years (our […]

do you theme?

I was asked the other day whether there were any ‘themes’ to what we were looking for. The wooly answer is that there are…. and there aren’t. We tend to look for business characteristics, rather than specific end markets. We like: B2B and B2B2C companies as they have more pedictable and controllable customer acquistion costs […]

a cockroach and proud

This is definitively neither my definition, nor my idea. Rather it is a principal I have read about in a few blogs and articles with which I am broadly in agreement. I thought it worth penning a quick blog on it myself. A ‘Unicorn’ is a well used descriptive within the narrow field of tech […]

what is venture building?

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Our website proudly proclaims ‘We are Venture Builders’ – but what does that mean? First let’s start with what it isn’t. It isn’t ‘incubation’ as incubation is generally short-term. Our Venture Building is a commitment of 5+ years. It isn’t ‘acceleration’ as again acceleration is equally short-term. It isn’t ‘investing’ [replace with venture capital or […]

that don’t impress me much….

Hi. Okay. So you have: a phenomenal CV, identified a mega problem/gap in the market, a genius CTO/co-founder, a brilliant business idea, a huge addressable market, some interesting and well respected investors/advisors and you will be worth £millions in a very short amount of time. Unfortunately, in the words of Shania Twain, “that don’t impress […]

milestones or millstones?

When we work within our businesses on growth capital strategy we don’t advocate the popular funding principles of ‘bootstrapping’ (UK) or at the opposite end ‘get as much as you can’ (USA). Instead we advocate a milestone based strategy where the company targets a capital raise that gives it sufficient leeway to achieve a substantial, […]

my first blog six years on

My first blog was just under six years ago when I got my first website and started talking a little about what we (‘I’ at the time) were trying to do. I recently re-visited it as all this content still sits behind the new site. I was kind of pleased to see that six years […]

cart before horse? conditional capital?

When you start a fundraise process there is only one guarantee. Not that you will either successfully, or unsuccessfully, fundraise. But that you will be faced with a multitude of, often polarised, opinions. This can be super helpful, insightful and value-add but also, more importantly, occassionally confusing and disruptive. I would never give advice in […]