What we do

We support a select number of entrepreneurs simultaneously in building their technology companies from a very early stage. We specialise in high growth potential, marketplace oriented, businesses with efficient operational models (often referred to as ‘SaaS’).

How we do it

‘The build’ ‘The build’

We work with dynamic teams that own ‘the problem’ that they are seeking to resolve but who can benefit from our experience of navigating funding rounds, building scalable technology and managing developers. We support great entrepreneurs.

‘Partnering’ ‘Partnering’

We ‘risk share’ with teams. When you are working for equity we will work for equity. When you are being paid little (or nothing) we are paid little (or nothing). It breaks the mould as we work long-term, wholly aligned to the team and have a singular focus on growing the companies we are involved with.

‘Growing’ ‘Growing’

We have a constantly evolving network of individual and strategic investors who are interested in the companies with which we work. We also nurture a roster of developers and can provide the environment in which businesses can grow within our offices in Southwark (London) and Bratislava.

Prepcap blog

a cockroach and proud

This is definitively neither my definition, nor my idea. Rather it is a principal I have read about in a few blogs and articles with which I am broadly in agreement. I thought it worth penning a quick blog on it myself. A ‘Unicorn’ is a well used descriptive within the narrow field of tech […]

what is venture building?

Our website proudly proclaims ‘We are Venture Builders’ – but what does that mean? First let’s start with what it isn’t. It isn’t ‘incubation’ as incubation is generally short-term. Our Venture Building is a commitment of 5+ years. It isn’t ‘acceleration’ as again acceleration is equally short-term. It isn’t ‘investing’ [replace with venture capital or […]

simple ideas

I recently got involved with ShowRoom (www.thisisshowroom.com). Why did I get involved? Basically because it is a brutally simple idea well executed. Chloe and Michelle (the founders) realised there was a gap in the market to help content owners control income better and to help retailers get better distribution. To disintermediate the affiliate and advertising […]

We journey with you through the good times…

Our team

The PrepCap team are employed across Preparation Capital Limited and NPR Technology Limited

Fraser Davidson

Fraser has a background in Marketing Strategy and Private Equity. Fraser owns Preparation Capital Limited and is primarily involved in lending his experience to management teams to help them navigate the funding world and develop their business strategy. Fraser is a Director of freemarketFX, SynchTank, digi.me and sce.ne



Rory Bernard

Rory has a background in building technology companies and managing development teams. Rory is a founder of NPR Technology Limited. Rory’s prime role is in helping businesses to develop and scale their technology and manage their operations and teams. Rory is a Director of StylePilot and SynchTank.



Nick Beitner

Nick has a background as a systems and database architect. Nick is a co-founder of NPR Technology Limited. Nick’s prime role is helping businesses conceive and build their technology solution such that it is long-term scalable from the very outset. Nick ‘gets his hands dirty’ and works directly with the development teams.


…and help you navigate the inevitable crossroads and challenges.

Companies we work with

Our team are Directors of, or advisors to, the following companies:

It is a partnership of many years.

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Contact: enquiries@prepcap.com

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Train: 10 mins walk from each of London Waterloo, London Bridge and Blackfriars